Weeks 16 through 20 Nov. 10 – Dec. 14

WOW! I’ve majorly slacked on blogging about my pregnancy! It’s been a wild and crazy ride. So, let me just catch up on what it is that I CAN remember from the last 4 weeks:

  • Week 16 was the week I lost my job – probably why my blogging dropped off so much at that point. At this point in time, I do NOT remember any symptoms or… really anything other than shock for that week.
  • Week 17 was a little better emotionally, as we were preparing to go to New York the following week to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with family.
  • Week 18 was PHENOMENAL! I thought I maybe, MIGHT have felt the baby move, but… in retrospect, I don’t think that’s what it was at all.  I do remember that I started to notice some bathroom issues – like I’d have to go pee SO BADLY, OMG EMERGENCY and then it would be the slightest tinkle…. *sigh* A baby on your bladder – these are the way things go 😛
  • Week 19 was filled with MUCH anticipation and excitement for the coming Anatomy Scan ultrasound where we would find out the baby’s sex.  This week went by in a crazy blur of excitement and nerves.  Excitement to get to meet and see my little one and make sure everything was OK.  Nerves because, OMG what if everything is NOT OK!  It happens before every Dr’s appointment – I try not to let it get to me too much.
  • WEEK 20!

We have arrived! We are (sort of) caught up on the weeks and now we know we are expecting a beautiful baby boy! 10 fingers, 10 toes, fully functioning systems of all kinds (heart, brain, kidneys… you name it, they looked at it!).  The appointment was hilarious and awesome.  Stacy and I were joined by my best friend Sarah, so were all there when he revealed his boy parts to us. Stacy does not typically show excitement outwardly, so if you were observing him, you might say that he wasn’t excited – but I know him well enough that I know he TOTALLY was.  Not to mention the links I got sent later that day with the Superman and Batman onesies that he wants to register for for our little man.

Here is the announcement we shared with all of our friends and loved ones:



We are SO super thrilled to get to welcome our little boy into the world in April. I can’t wait to share him with all of you!!!

Week 20 has been a little tough when it comes to symptoms…. I threw up for the first time this week – it was NOT pleasant.  I’m not sure if it was pregnancy related or to do with something I ate or…. the possibilities are endless.  Thankfully, it has passed and I am feeling much, MUCH better.

In more exciting news, I for SURE felt the baby move this week! Not only that, but once I felt it, I couldn’t UNfeel it! That kid is moving All. THE. TIME.  Holy mcshcmoley!!! It is a feeling that fills me with awe, and kinda’ tickles a little, tee hee 😀

This whole pregnancy journey has been one of excitement and terror.  Being a mom, having a baby, raising a contributing member of society – it has been something I have wanted for SO LONG, and now that it’s here…. it’s scaring the SHIT out of me.  I am told this is completely normal and that I should only be worried if I don’t have that “Oh my God am I really ready for this” feeling.  Which I have. In spades. So… apparently, I’m good to go.

That is where I will leave you for now, my friends.  I apologize for the combined post, and the delay in posting. I will try to be better about it going forward.



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