Week 14 Oct. 27-Nov. 2

This week found some sleepless night’s for this mamma to be! 2 nights this week I woke up at around 3 a.m. for NO REASON WHATSOEVER! Just… POPPED awake – then I had nothing to do. One of the night’s I seriously considered putting away/doing the dishes, but that tends to make kind of a racket and I didn’t want to wake Stacy – so – I just watched TV on the couch. I WAS able to fall back to sleep eventually, but – but I sure felt it the rest of the day both times that it happened. One of the days I even left work a little early because I got so “fuzzy” brained feeling. I realize that once the baby comes there will be many a sleepless night – I totally get it – but I feel like THIS waking up just had no purpose at all and that just PISSED ME OFF! Grrrrr….

These past few weeks have been fairly symptom free and therefore – not a lot to report – until next time! The fun continues!


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