Week 13 Oct. 20 – Oct. 26

This week finds me with similarly mild symptoms – breast tenderness decreasing BY THE DAY (thank God) and some minor cramping due to round ligament pain – but mostly I feel normal and healthy.

We went to the doctor this week and got the hear the baby’s HEART BEAT! It was so great 😀 I’m one happy mamma! I also got a flu shot and had my glucose test (which I passed with flying colors, by the way!).  I am totally getting that Doctor’s office amnesia thing, where you have all of these questions before you go in and then the doctor asks’ if you have any questions and you’re all, “Nope – I’m all set” and then  you remember them as you’re on your way to car… *sigh*

Some thoughts on the Glucose Test:

1. It’s stupid

2. It’s gross but not AS GROSS as I thought it would be

3. I am glad it’s not as bad as I thought it would be as I have to do it again at 28 weeks

4. I’m so super glad and blessed that I have Stacy as my partner in all of this – he is the best, BEST support I could possibly ask for (this is in the Glucose Test section because he made sure to read ALL of the instructions THOROUGHLY and make sure I completed the test as accurately as possible 🙂 ) Love my man ❤


That’s all for this week, friends! Thanks for going with me on this crazy journey!


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