Week Three Aug 11-17

As some of you may or may not know, Stacy and I have been trying to get pregnant. Ssoooo…. This week I found out that I’M PREGNANT!!!! The way this came about was slightly comical just because of my STUBBORN and UNMOVING  opinion that I was NOT pregnant, and that my period was just late.  Despite the fact that I was having some symptoms  (I had been having some nausea, SEVERE breast tenderness, SLIGHT aversion to smells, and trouble sleeping)  – I was not convinced that this miracle that I had prayed for for such a long time could possibly be the reason for my delayed visit from Aunt Flo. On the third day of no action from my monthly visitor, my very dear friend, Nicki, talked me into taking a pregnancy test. Well, I was out of pregnancy tests at the time, so we popped out to the dollar tree to get some. I had gotten them there several times before, and really one test is as good as the next, so I wasn’t too worried about brands or anything. Also – considering I was ABSOLUTELY convinced that I wasn’t pregnant, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a pregnancy test.

So – Nicki and I got back to my house where were having a very dorky and fabulous weekend of marathon watching Downton Abbey.  We settled our purchases in their various locations and I decided I should go to the bathroom before we started the next episode. Then it occurred to me, that since I was going to the bathroom anyway, I should take a test. So, I did my business and prepped the test.  As I was watching it (for about 2 seconds) I shouted to Nicki that “I don’t know, Nicki, it’s not looking good.” And she responded with “Well, how long has it been? Aren’t you supposed to give like two minuets? It’s been FIVE seconds, give it some time!”  No sooner had the words come out of her mouth, a second line started to appear.  I was looking at the stick in UTTER shock and disbelief.  I even said, “Well, THAT’S never happened before!”  After much discussion and debate with Nicki about whether or not it was, indeed, a positive result, we settled on that it WAS and had a celebratory hug.

Well… time to tell the hubs! He was outside working on the car (how very manly of him!) I asked him if he could come inside for a minute. He called back that “he was busy” and I called to him that he should “be UN-busy for a second!” So… he came inside, and I showed him the positive pee stick – to which he shrugged his shoulders and said, “cool.”  And went about the rest of his day.  I love the man, but he’s not big on reactions – so this was actually pretty good as far as emotions from my husband go.

Despite the second line, I didn’t QUITE believe it to be true.  I sent a picture of it to my sister (who is a nurse) saying “I think I might be pregnant!” And once I finally actually got ahold of her, she wrote back with, “Why, yes! You certainly are!”  I repeated this text to my other two best girlfriends who reacted with the utmost joy, certainty and congratulations.  Despite all of this – I still wasn’t convinced.  It had to be a trick – someone slipped that positive test into the bathroom when I wasn’t looking (PS – I was never not looking).

I went through the rest of the weekend in a sort of… daze… I enjoyed my Downton Abbey watching with my friend, and at that point didn’t really have any symptoms (other than my missed period) so the weekend continued much as it had previously.

Here’s the other thing – since I was TRYING to get pregnant, and LOOKING for my missed period, I found out when I was pregnant at 3 weeks. Well.. it switched to four weeks about 2 days later, but still. This is fairly uncommon. Most people, at 3 weeks pregnant, don’t have any idea that they are growing a new life. Also – it felt VERY abstract. I was still in the time frame where my period could have just been late – and I wasn’t really having any symptoms to speak of, so it was hard for it to really feel real to me.



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