Week Six – Sept. 1-6

Symptoms this week:

  • Breast tenderness (still need VERY gentle hugs)
  • Fatigue (still… this is doing nothing good for my social life 😉 )
  • Frequent urination (very inconvenient – especially at night)
  • Lower abdominal pain (still intermittent and that pain only lasts moments when it happens)
  • “Pregnancy brain” getting a smidge worse this week…

SUCCESS!!! We have a resolution to the earlier mentioned water problem! We simply FLAVOR THE WATER! “But doesn’t that have sugar and chemicals, too?” you say… But no, sir! It does NOT! Not when you’re using cucumbers and lemons! That’s right folks! Cucumber lemon water it is for me.  9 months of drinking water flavored by delicious fruits and vegetables? Now THAT I can handle! 😀

A few weeks ago, I had started working with a personal trainer/life coach.  He had been working with me on physical fitness, so, we work out together, and also helping to change my diet and eating habits. One of the things I had decided on (before I got pregnant) was to try to do a sugar fast – which kind of ended up a carb and sugar fast (since carbs get turned immediately into sugar… stupid carbs…) But anyway – this sort of morphed into this four week program where you start out with essentially no carbs, and then gradually add carbs back in.  So… I started this “meal plan” on Tuesday of week six and… it did NOT go well. First of all – your body detoxing from carbs… well… it SUCKS.  Your body detoxing from carbs while you’re PREGNANT!?!? Holy shit, no. Also… this could NOT have been worse timing on my part, because week six is generally when nausea or morning sickness usually starts. So… Week six got off to a rocky start, and went from bad to worse.

My adoring husband, however, in an effort to try to be supportive, dutifully ate what I made for him (even though I couldn’t) and appropriately scolded me on a day that I only ate 1,000 calories.  Also in an effort to support me, he tried to find foods I could stomach (i.e. NOT meat) to no avail.  Nothing sounded good, and the things that DID sound good, I would sit down to eat, and they just… wouldn’t go down.  By Saturday night, I decided to abandon the “meal plan” and just stick to real foods (so, as little processed food as possible) and still try to plan out and cook meals at home whenever possible.  So far, this is going pretty well.

There are times I have an idea for something, I prepare it, sit down to eat it and…. I can’t get it down… Aaaaahhhhhhh, the joys of growing a human… *sigh*.


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