Week Five – Aug 25 – 31

Symptoms This Week:

  • Fatigue (still… I’m so ready to be done with that)
  • Breast tenderness (still need VERY gentle hugs)
  • Frequent urination (who has TIME for this many bathroom breaks! SHEESH!)
  • Lower abdominal pain (don’t be alarmed, it’s only when sneezing or contracting those muscles in a severe way – so – no more crunches at the gym…)
  • Maybe a TOUCH of “pregnancy brain” beginning to rear it’s forgetful head…

Aaaah! Week Five. This feels more “legit” when people ask.

“How far along are you?”

“Five weeks.”

It somehow seems more… viable? I don’t know – I’m not sure it makes much sense outside of my over active brain, but… It feels more normal.

This week, I realized that I had fully and actually and FOR REAL missed my period. Not only had I missed it, but it had been missed by over a week – so – no chance of it just being late. I was really and TRULY pregnant.  This was the week that it started to sink in a little more.  The friends that I had told were checking in with me periodically asking me how I was feeling, and while I was having symptoms, they weren’t related to “morning sickness” no nausea or food aversions, nothing like that – which is what I think everyone was waiting for.

At still four more weeks until the first ultra sound, there was still a lot of uncertainty and fear this week – although – with every day there is MORE certainty – we made it through the day with no catastrophes – thank God.


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