Week Eight Sept. 15 – 21

Symptoms this week:

  • Fatigue – although it DOES seem to be lessening slightly (very slightly)
  • Breast tenderness – also getting slightly better
  • Constipation – good lord what I wouldn’t give to be able to poop!
  • Nausea – this is VERY mild, and I am grateful for that
  • Food aversions: meat, coffee, eggs – anything with too much flavor.
  • Sensitivity to smells – I can tolerate most things, but the smells are MUCH stronger.

Baby was the size of a gummy bear or kidney bean (aawwww!) and has all of his/her joints (fingers, toes, knees, etc…). His/her tail is ALMOST completely gone, and starting to look more human.

Week 8 went by with largely nothing to report.  No major changes this week – no major events. With the increased possibility of multiples, we were highly anticipating our first appointment on Monday the 22nd when we will have an ultrasound and get actual, OFFICIAL confirmation from the Dr’s office that we did, in fact, have a bun (or two or three) in the oven. Both of us are a little nervous to find out how many – while the chance IS elevated, it could also VERY well just be one. We do know this, though: whatever happens will be a blessing and a joy 🙂

This week’s food has gone fairly well – I had a very bad “cheat” sort of day on Tuesday when I had a bunch of fried food, and a dear friend brought me an Eclaire for our lunch date of Friday, which I DEVOURED and felt guilty about later 😛


One thought on “Week Eight Sept. 15 – 21

  1. Congratulations, penut butter ,apples, and strawberry milkshakes where all I could eat the first trimester lost 25 lbs. Stay healthy my friend enjoy the wonderful ride it is a Roller coaster. Hold your hands up high and scream because children are the best ride i have ever been on. Smooches

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