Week 9 Sept. 22 to 28

Symptoms this week:

  • I’ve got pregnancy brain WICKED bad… Holy Lord… Look out world!
  • Aversion to most food related smells or REALLY strong perfume
  • Craving chocolate milk something FIERCE
  • Breast tenderness – a little worse this week
  • Fatigue – comes and goes now
  • Constipation… *sigh* The baby is already smooshing my intestines making it more difficult to “stay regular”


Well – this week was our Dr’s appointment and we found out we have ONE beautiful, healthy baby with a fluttering heart and flailing arms and legs.  I could not be more thrilled. To see the baby on the live image moving all around – baby flipped back and forth, wiggled all around and had a strong and steady heart beat – was breath taking. In the moment that it was happening, I was SO excited, and in describing the moment to people, I was moved to tears. Baby Shaw 9-22-14The baby is measuring exactly where it’s supposed to for it’s age and timeline – so all of our calculations have been correct.

My baby is the size of a cocktail olive this week! (FUN!) Has fingers, toes, eyelids and ears – and is moving around like CRAZY! Not only have I read about how much Baby Shaw is moving right now, but at the Dr’s appointment we SAW it! So active. So healthy and steady.

One of the things I have been craving a lot is chocolate milk – but the chocolate milk you buy in the store has SO much sugar. So… Of course… STACY TO THE RESCUE!! He found out how to make chocolate milk at home with cocoa powder. He added Agave nectar and a little bit of protein powder and… VOILA! Delicious and more nutritious chocolate milk.  It is GLORIOUS. I am sure that I will have at least one a day. Not only are they tasty -but so, SO very filling. I don’t have to eat for AGES afterward – which is awesome because I kind of hate eating right now 😛

I got back to a few very mild sort of crunches at the gym – no pain there, so that’s SUPER good. I was getting wicked sick of just doing planks… ugh. Planks SUCK. Aside from that, and the struggle of actually GETTING out of bed, workouts have continued to go really well. I always feel well worked and accomplished when I get home and throughout the rest of the day. I also know that I’m doing so much good for my body and my baby and that helps me to be motivated.

My very dear friend, Sarah, introduced me to toast with butter AND peanut butter!!! WHAT!?! This is a thing of IMMENSE joy for me right now – OMG – the deliciousness is unparalleled. I kind of wish I didn’t know about it because it’s very addicting. Between that and my home made chocolate milk… I’m in trouble. I can just have that for breakfast for a while and be perfectly content with that. Then once I’m not pregnant, I’ll never want to have anything to do with either of those ever again! HA!


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