Weeks 16 through 20 Nov. 10 – Dec. 14

WOW! I’ve majorly slacked on blogging about my pregnancy! It’s been a wild and crazy ride. So, let me just catch up on what it is that I CAN remember from the last 4 weeks:

  • Week 16 was the week I lost my job – probably why my blogging dropped off so much at that point. At this point in time, I do NOT remember any symptoms or… really anything other than shock for that week.
  • Week 17 was a little better emotionally, as we were preparing to go to New York the following week to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with family.
  • Week 18 was PHENOMENAL! I thought I maybe, MIGHT have felt the baby move, but… in retrospect, I don’t think that’s what it was at all.  I do remember that I started to notice some bathroom issues – like I’d have to go pee SO BADLY, OMG EMERGENCY and then it would be the slightest tinkle…. *sigh* A baby on your bladder – these are the way things go 😛
  • Week 19 was filled with MUCH anticipation and excitement for the coming Anatomy Scan ultrasound where we would find out the baby’s sex.  This week went by in a crazy blur of excitement and nerves.  Excitement to get to meet and see my little one and make sure everything was OK.  Nerves because, OMG what if everything is NOT OK!  It happens before every Dr’s appointment – I try not to let it get to me too much.
  • WEEK 20!

We have arrived! We are (sort of) caught up on the weeks and now we know we are expecting a beautiful baby boy! 10 fingers, 10 toes, fully functioning systems of all kinds (heart, brain, kidneys… you name it, they looked at it!).  The appointment was hilarious and awesome.  Stacy and I were joined by my best friend Sarah, so were all there when he revealed his boy parts to us. Stacy does not typically show excitement outwardly, so if you were observing him, you might say that he wasn’t excited – but I know him well enough that I know he TOTALLY was.  Not to mention the links I got sent later that day with the Superman and Batman onesies that he wants to register for for our little man.

Here is the announcement we shared with all of our friends and loved ones:



We are SO super thrilled to get to welcome our little boy into the world in April. I can’t wait to share him with all of you!!!

Week 20 has been a little tough when it comes to symptoms…. I threw up for the first time this week – it was NOT pleasant.  I’m not sure if it was pregnancy related or to do with something I ate or…. the possibilities are endless.  Thankfully, it has passed and I am feeling much, MUCH better.

In more exciting news, I for SURE felt the baby move this week! Not only that, but once I felt it, I couldn’t UNfeel it! That kid is moving All. THE. TIME.  Holy mcshcmoley!!! It is a feeling that fills me with awe, and kinda’ tickles a little, tee hee 😀

This whole pregnancy journey has been one of excitement and terror.  Being a mom, having a baby, raising a contributing member of society – it has been something I have wanted for SO LONG, and now that it’s here…. it’s scaring the SHIT out of me.  I am told this is completely normal and that I should only be worried if I don’t have that “Oh my God am I really ready for this” feeling.  Which I have. In spades. So… apparently, I’m good to go.

That is where I will leave you for now, my friends.  I apologize for the combined post, and the delay in posting. I will try to be better about it going forward.



Week 15 Nov. 3 – Nov. 9

Symptoms this week:

  • Bleeding Gums
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heartburn (Dear God! The Heartburn!)
  • Stuffy nose
  • Weird hiccups that only happen every few hours… very strange

Week 15 started out kind of comically – On Sunday (the last day of week 14) I started to have all of the above symptoms. When I first lost my breath it startled me a little bit just because… well… I hadn’t been DOING anything. I was in the middle of talking and all of a sudden had to stop to catch my breath. I wasn’t “alarmed” or “concerned” or anything like that – just slightly taken aback because there seemed to be no reason for it. Turns out – THERE WAS A REASON! That sweet babe of mind is growing like a weed and pushing my organs out of the way to make room. This causes shortness of breath, which is a VERY typical symptom for week 15.  Some of the other symptoms I learned about in all of the “Your Pregnancy Week 15” news letters that I get are: Bleeding gums – this is very common due to the increased blood volume in your body. Another fun side effect of the increased blood volume is a stuffy nose – which I have no shortage of either – YAY ME!

My belly is growing all the time and I look more and more pregnant every week. My belly is starting to get hard (although this depends on what position I’m in – it’s usually hardest when I’m standing) and my weekly pics show distinct size changes around my middle. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ve “popped” yet, as they say, and to people I pass on the street I probably still just look fat – but to people who know me, I am really starting to look pregnant. I was DETERMINED to have cute maternity graphic Tee’s for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I also wanted just a generic one I could wear any time. So I ordered those and they should be here next week – I’ll post pics when they arrive!

Another thing I started contending with this week – which is probably MILDLY related to pregnancy, was that I jacked up my knee. Turns out this was due to the combination of my too old and worn out shoes and my already hyper-extended knees. I saw my PT and he prescribed me new shoes – which I got – and I am taking all of week 16 off of exercise to let my knee really heal all the way. I will be back during week 17 – listening to my body so as not to injure myself further (hopefully).

Week 14 Oct. 27-Nov. 2

This week found some sleepless night’s for this mamma to be! 2 nights this week I woke up at around 3 a.m. for NO REASON WHATSOEVER! Just… POPPED awake – then I had nothing to do. One of the night’s I seriously considered putting away/doing the dishes, but that tends to make kind of a racket and I didn’t want to wake Stacy – so – I just watched TV on the couch. I WAS able to fall back to sleep eventually, but – but I sure felt it the rest of the day both times that it happened. One of the days I even left work a little early because I got so “fuzzy” brained feeling. I realize that once the baby comes there will be many a sleepless night – I totally get it – but I feel like THIS waking up just had no purpose at all and that just PISSED ME OFF! Grrrrr….

These past few weeks have been fairly symptom free and therefore – not a lot to report – until next time! The fun continues!

Week 13 Oct. 20 – Oct. 26

This week finds me with similarly mild symptoms – breast tenderness decreasing BY THE DAY (thank God) and some minor cramping due to round ligament pain – but mostly I feel normal and healthy.

We went to the doctor this week and got the hear the baby’s HEART BEAT! It was so great 😀 I’m one happy mamma! I also got a flu shot and had my glucose test (which I passed with flying colors, by the way!).  I am totally getting that Doctor’s office amnesia thing, where you have all of these questions before you go in and then the doctor asks’ if you have any questions and you’re all, “Nope – I’m all set” and then  you remember them as you’re on your way to car… *sigh*

Some thoughts on the Glucose Test:

1. It’s stupid

2. It’s gross but not AS GROSS as I thought it would be

3. I am glad it’s not as bad as I thought it would be as I have to do it again at 28 weeks

4. I’m so super glad and blessed that I have Stacy as my partner in all of this – he is the best, BEST support I could possibly ask for (this is in the Glucose Test section because he made sure to read ALL of the instructions THOROUGHLY and make sure I completed the test as accurately as possible 🙂 ) Love my man ❤


That’s all for this week, friends! Thanks for going with me on this crazy journey!

Week 12 Oct. 12 – 19

I hope I’m not jinxing anything here, but… so far… pregnancy seems to agree with me pretty well. It’s true, I have had a handful of symptoms, some you might even call “severe” but, mostly, it’s been mild and pleasant.  Knowing me and my medical history and the penchant for things to go wrong with my body, this was something I was very worried about. I am glad to have been wrong.

All that being said, I have a confession to make: I’m a reader. If you know me at all, this is not shocking news, and if you don’t, let’s just say that the meme one sees going around that says “I’m not addicted to reading, I can stop as soon as I finish this chapter” could be about me. Lately, however, I have not been reading the romance novels that I love – I have been reading pregnancy websites and articles. I read them AAAAALLLLLLLL.  I feel like there are two camps to this pregnancy business: the people who want to experience pregnancy the way it comes and not have it “tainted” by other people’s information (i.e. pregnancy websites or blogs) and the people who want to know EVERY. GORY. DETAIL.  I am in the latter camp.

In reading all of these things, the thing I find most common is all of the “doom sayers” (my personal friends included – sorry, but it’s true).  Most of what I read/who I talk to all say the same thing “get ready to be miserable” “pregnancy SUCKS but it’s so worth it at the end” “get ready to never sleep again” “you’re exercising while pregnant? Is that safe?” I’m pregnant, not broken here people – relax, for cryin’ out loud! Despite all of this – I have found that I am LOVING pregnancy. There is a TEENSY-TINY part of me that feels badly about this, but mostly, I don’t tease the crazy people – just smile and nod 😉

Week 11 Oct. 6 – 12

Symptoms this week:

  • Breast tenderness…. *sigh* When will that just GO AWAY already! SHEESH!
  • Appetite – I’m craving burgers. I’m trying to only eat them once a week
  • Hip pain
  • Pregnancy Euphoria

Lately, my pregnancy has been… uneventful. I was waffling on writing this post because… there isn’t much to share.  The “symptoms” that I have been having are… quite frankly… laughable.  I have friends and have read stories online about the awfulness of the first trimester and… mostly… I just haven’t had very much of it. What I have had has been mild, and aside from that it’s been mostly positive. That being said, I’m a sharer, so… Here are some things that are going on with me:

Emotional! Holy LORD with the emotions! I cry at things that are COMPLETELY ridiculous. I was listening to show tunes and a song from Annie came on, the one where she sings about her parents coming to get her, “So maybe now this prayer’s the last one of it’s kind…
Won’t you please come get your “Baby” maaaaaybeeeeee” (see how I sung that last part there? I’m just saying.) Anyway, I was hysterical. Normally, this song does not effect me in such a way – but – those pregnancy hormones, man… Tell you what.

Another time, I was trying to give my husband a COMPLIMENT – a compliment, people – and I *almost* couldn’t get through it without crying. At the end of me talking he said, “OK, I’m going to walk away now.” I nodded and said “Ok” *sniff, sniff*  Honestly, it’s ridiculous.

Pregnancy Euphoria, I believe I touched on last week, but… it’s still happening, so I thought it was worth mentioning again.  I get this very clean and clear “high” feeling like I could DO anything. TAKE ON anything. Nothing and no one could stop me. It’s kind of an awesome feeling – I hope that doesn’t go away any time soon…

That’s about it – uneventful week – SORRY! Maybe more next time 😉

Week Ten Sept. 29 – Oct. 5

Symptoms this week:

  • APPETITE! I am hungry ALL. THE. TIME.
  • Breast tenderness – still getting a little better
  • Heart burn – came and went this week
  • I feel GREAT 🙂

So – week ten really has little to report. I was feeling very few symptoms, aside from breast tenderness and when I’m hungry I NEED TO EAT RIGHT NOW OR SHIT IS GONNA’ GO DOWN! I’ve increased my cardio some, which feels really good. I am being careful and trying  not to push too hard.  I added swimming this week, which was glorious and awful (glorious because I love it, awful because I’m so, SO not in swimming shape these days).

Apparently this “great” feeling that I’m having is called “Pregnancy Euphoria” which… doesn’t suck.  Basically, I feel high. But not “stoned.” Subtle but important distinction. I just feel, clear and happy and…. glowy. It’s difficult to describe, but… Feels AWESOME.  I am FOR SURE hoping that feeling lasts!

I was noticing that I have TONS of friends who are pregnant right now – off the top of my head I can think of 5 other ladies who are expecting within a month or two of myself – wait – make that 7 ladies. Some people have said that it’s now that I’m pregnant that I’m noticing it, and while there may be some truth to that, I was pretty acutely aware of people being pregnant before, so…. I’m not sure that’s it.  It is kind of awesome to be pregnant at the same time as so many other amazing women. Makes me feel like there is some solidarity there. It does, however, throw a bit of a monkey wrench into scheduling the baby shower – that will have to be precise with several due dates taken into consideration 😛 Well… maybe just 3 other due dates… BUT STILL!

I am looking forward to all of the growing bellies in my world! 🙂 ❤